Sunday, November 2, 2008

Moosewood Cookbook

This cook book is a classic. One of the best parts about it, other than all of the great vegetarian recipes and cute drawings, is the forward where the author Mollie Katzen gives her personal history in relation to the cook book. Following is a quote from the forward:

"I hadn't tasted a fresh green vegetable until the age of 12, when I was invited to dinner at the home of a friend whose mother had a vegetable garden. She picked fresh green beans for dinner and served them lightly steamed in bowls, with a little warmed milk poured on top. I went wild! This was a radical new discovery for me! I kept thinking about those green beans long afterwards- until I had my second experience with fresh vegetables at age 18 in, of all places, the college cafeteria"

She goes on to talk about her experiences working for and starting a restaurant, and how she came about writing and illustrating her vegetarian cookbook.

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